Compass Counseling Services of Virginia is a counseling agency committed to provide individuals and families with the highest quality of emotional and mental health care.

Compass Youth and Family Services was established in 2004 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia out of a need for quality services for families of at-risk youth. Since then, Compass has expanded in its ability to address a larger scope of needs throughout the state of Virginia. Compass has assembled a team of mental health professionals who have the education, experience and tools to support families in addressing many of life’s most difficult challenges.
Whether a child is exhibiting difficult or disturbing behavior that is disruptive to the family or an adult finds himself in a challenging situation he is unprepared to handle alone, Compass provides a diverse set of services designed to provide direction and guidance to help find their way.
We offer five distinct programs in an effort to provide appropriate treatment options for the varying needs of our clients. Our goal is to:
  • Stabilize and strengthen families so that children can remain in their homes through our intensive in-home program
  • Provide intensive life skills coaching and guidance to adolescents and adults through our mental health support program
  • Support and train families and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to successfully implement and sustain behavioral interventions in the home using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Address a broad set of life issues through our outpatient counseling program
  • Conduct psychological testing and evaluations, which can inform the client, family and treatment team’s understanding of the situation and provide direction in treatment.